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Above are images of me wearing some of the chef jackets that I designed. [Click an image to view the gallery.]

Women’s Chef Coats and Women’s Chef Jackets

As a personal/private chef in Lake Tahoe, I have many high caliber clients who can afford, and are willing to pay for, nothing but the very best (which is why when someone is looking for a private chef in the Lake Tahoe area, they call me)! It is important that I present myself in a professional manner that conveys to my clients that they are getting their money’s worth, in every aspect. My assignments take me into some of the most luxurious homes and estates in the Lake Tahoe area. Whether it is a wedding rehearsal dinner, family get together, an intimate gourmet dinner for two, bachelorette or cocktail party, as a personal chef, I am in direct contact with my clients and their guests. I can’t get away with wearing a cheap chef coat in the kitchen, and putting on a good one when I go out into the dining room. When you are a personal chef, it’s always show time! How I look is an integral part of the total experience of having a personal chef – an experience dedicated to service, comfort, luxury, and perfection. Everything my clients (or future clients) and their guests have heard about, or expect from me, is confirmed and reinforced by how I present myself.

However, finding well made, stylish, women’s chef jackets that fit right, was impossible. That is until I came across a feature in the Bon Vivant section of the September 2001 issue of Bon Appetit magazine. There was a full page picture of Diane Forley and Michael Otsuka wearing black Supima cotton gabardine chef’s coats, with white piping, and mother-of-pearl buttons. The copy read, “When the country’s best chefs need that special look, they call on Pam Geren of Crooked Brook.” I thought, well I wasn’t one of the country’s best chefs (yet), but I had to get one of those gorgeous looking women’s chef jackets!

So, I did just that, I called Crooked Brook and spoke to Pam Geren, directly.

I found out that Crooked Brook is not a uniform company; it is a label used by her apparel studio for the design and manufacture of image apparel and chef wear. Since 1989, they have outfitted some of the world’s most recognized chefs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, spas, and resorts.

These are no run-of-the-mill chef coats, but the very finest in the world. Each one is custom made or made to order, in house.

Knowing that not all women’s body measurements are in proportion to a given numerical size, women’s chef coats are available in combination sizes. For instance, if a woman’s bust, waist and hip measurements were 36-28-38, according to their size chart she would be a size 10. However, if her measurements were 36-30-40, she could order a women’s chef jacket with a 10 top, 12 bottom. Combination sizes can be ordered the other way around (12 top, 10 bottom).

You design your chef coats based on their different styles, fabrics, buttons, collars, piping, pockets, and custom embroidery. Any style chef jacket can be ordered with short sleeves, long sleeves, or ¾ sleeves. If you are left handed, you can get your pockets on the right side.

In addition, you can get any style chef coat, in any of the fabrics they offer; certified 100% organic cotton twill, 100% cotton denim, gabardine, pique, rip-stop poplin or Supima, to name a few. I thought that Egyptian cotton was the fiber for chef jackets, until she informed me that the phrase “Egyptian cotton chef coats” only tells you the cotton came from somewhere in Egypt, and has nothing to do with the variety, grade, or quality of the cotton, or the fabric.

I explained to Pam that I was petite and that finding clothes, let alone a chef coat to fit me was a challenge. After discussing my needs, personal style, and other details, I placed an order for my first real women’s chef jacket. I was so excited. I had never dealt with Crooked Brook before, and the president of the company gave me just as much attention as if I was some celebrity chef.

When I received my chef coat, I was amazed by how comfortable and beautiful it was (and the fit – WOW – like a glove!). I was so pleased, I sent them a picture of me in my jacket and a thank you letter, which led to me now being a Crooked Brook model (I am with a talent agency called Nevada Casting out of Reno, Nevada and occasionally do commercials and modeling too). Currently, I have a spectacular collection of chef coats and continue to receive wonderful compliments from my clients and their guests.

Crooked Brook is an outstanding company that offers very high quality culinary apparel and excellent service. Crooked Brook chef coats are not cheap, but as you should know by now, you get what you pay for. I could go on and on about how wonderful they are, but if you are interested in learning more about them, just check out their web site at www.crookedbrook.com. They have a very interesting site that explains all about the cotton they use and all the wonderful choices they offer. In addition, you will see me modeling some of my chef jackets!

Women’s Fitted Bib Aprons

Occasionally I like to, and need to, wear an apron rather than a chef coat for some of my cooking assignments. In some cases, hiring a personal chef can come across as showing off and several of my wealthy clients who are very modest, prefer that I don’t wear a chef coat. The less formal I look, the more comfortable my clients and their guest are.

Crooked Brook’s women’s fitted bib aprons are perfect for occasions when I still have to look my best but in a casual way.

They are stylish, comfortable, feminine, functional, and best of all; I can custom design an apron with my fabric or theirs, piping, pockets and embroidery.

Crooked Brook does outstanding embroidery and there are thousands of stock designs to choose from or, I can send them my own artwork to be digitized and embroidered. They also offer custom T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, baby bibs, tote bags, and other items.

Since working in the food service industry is sometimes not, shall I say, very glamorous; I like to look as feminine as possible. Image is just as important for TV celebrity chefs as it is for little ol’ Personal Chef Marcie Santoemma.

Whether you are a woman who is a chef or a home cook, I highly recommend adding one or more Crooked Brook women’s fitted bib aprons to your wardrobe.